The Law of Three

Found within time, space and even numbers, the law of three is as famous as it is well recognised. But what is its deeper significance? In this post we explore the deeper significance of the number three, which is in fact the end of infinity.


It is said that all life comes in Three’s.

Wait for a bus for an hour and then all of a sudden three come along at once. In mythologies we have the idea of three wishes. In the Biblical traditions the idea of a holy trinity of three, the father, son and holy spirit. In the Hindu tradition, the idea of a sustainer, creator and destroyer. In time a past present a future, and space a length depth and breadth. All concepts based in the number three, but what could this possible mean?

The Infinity of 3

Three is the number of steps infinity takes before it terminates. For example the numbers 1, 2, and 3 are enough to define the rest of the whole number series on to infinity. Past, present future is enough to define the entire infinity of time, and length, depth breadth the entire infinity of space the we experience.

Three steps forward

We can use a simple practical demonstration to help us understand this idea.

Stand with your feet together, and move you left foot forward. You have gone from the first position to the second, and taken one step. Now move your right foot forward beyond the left, and you have gone from the second position to the third, and taken a second step. Lastly bring your left foot forward your join the right, and you have taken the third step. Your legs are now in the same position as they were before, only now you have moved forwards in space.

If we continued to walk then we are just be repeating the same pattern of movement in a cycle. By repeating the pattern so we move in space. In this case there are only 3 positions. Left foot forward. Right foot forward. Feet together.

Three step fractals

This combination of three is also found in the most basic of fractal forms. If we take a square, we can divide its sides in half to mark four new point that can be connected to form another square. This square is rotated at 45° to the first. We can repeat the process and form a third square the is now in the same orientation as the first, only smaller.

We could continue this process on into infinity, however, we would never see an differentiation of the fundamental pattern. This need three squares in order for the process to be realised. Even if we erased the first square, we would need to add another square inside to complete the cycle of the fractal.

The same applies to all regular shapes. Regardless of the number of sides, when we find the midpoint of each we can construct the same shape rotated to some degree. The process of division into 2 can always be applied to this second shape to produce a final form that is in the same orientation as the first, and with the same number of side, only scaled to a slightly smaller size.

We call the set of 3 nested squares the 2 fractal, at that is the factor by which its side length decreases at its is nested. Other forms have different scaling factors, that give the fractal specific qualities.

The invisible space in between

Besides Numbers and Fractals the nature of three is at play even as we observer reality in each moment.

If we observe two objects on a table, we can see that they exist in separate spaces. This is due to the fact that each is surrounded by three spaces, two at the far side of each object and a third that exists in between the two.

Whenever we interact with our environment, often we are drawn into the nature of things that exist, and often we forget the space in which they exist. The space is not identifiable as it is non-existent, however, without it there would be no separation. There would be no space and we would not be able to appreciate the different qualities of life.

Lets imagine we wish to erect a fence.

We have 2 panels, so how many fence posts will we need to complete the job?

The answer is 3.

In this case the posts represent the space in between which an object can be found. But now let’s try another thought.

What about if we have 3 panels? How many fence posts will we need to complete the job?

The answer is 3. Why?

Because with three panels we can erect each panel in a triangular formation, where we only need 3 posts to hold it up. We could not do that with just 2 panels, which can only form an angle.

The number 3 completes the the smallest shape, the triangle, which is three lines that connect three dots, to form an infinite loop, regardless of where the dots are positioned in space.

One yet separate

By recognizing the existence of both things and no-things at the same time, we begin to appreciate the meaning of the world from both the perspective of unity and separation simultaneously. We often hear the great minds of people mention that we are all one, and yet we are at the same time separate beings, each endowed with our own understanding and interpretation of life.
By recognizing both of these as existing simultaneously, we can appreciate that we all share the same reality, and we also have our very own internal reality that is a private space. When we express out minds we translate our internal reality into the physical external reality, through words and actions.

We all play the game of life into a space that exists between each being and the conscious observers who share the external world. Anything that is translated into the shared world in this way is then re-translated into the internal world of these observer through their five sense reality.

For this to occur it takes a minimum of two people who share the same level of awareness to create meaning within the words and actions they are expressing into a third thing; space.

Play the Game

Therefore even the process of sharing is conforming to the Law of Three. Your mind meeting the mind of another, played out into a third space between you. As one each divided into two there mus by nature be three, the space in between. This is just one example of the Law of Three that is so fundamental to our everyday experience often we forget it is even there.

In harmonic mapping we often use the a Vesica Piscis to play a fun interactive partnerships games. Each person has their own circle full of their passion ideas, or values. Which of these do you share with your partner?

Can you think of any other cool games that help us explore our relationship to each other or even yourself. Why not share your ideas in the comments.

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