Sacred Geometry Workshops Goa 2017
Sacred Geometry Workshops Goa 2017
The Space, Palolem, South Goa, India
2h weekly workshops
Dr. Heike Bielek
Dr. Heike Bielek
In2Infinity - Colin Power
Colin Power
James Thomas
James Thomas
Body of Light
Light Worker

It was amazing to attend some of the In 2 Infinity workshops and have the opportunity to gain such profound and in depth Universal Knowledge. It was fun, insightful, inspiring and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in spirituality, sacred geometry and/or Art.

Belinda Aguayo
Yoga teacher & healer

I could participate at the sacred geometry workshop in Goa and I found it mind-blowing… As a yoga teacher and energy worker, I could relate and get a deeper understanding about the mysteries of the universe and how everything is related; ancient knowledge right at hand!

Itamar Sabbane
Itamar Sabbane
iTara Holistic healing

I attend one of the workshop in Goa and it was mind blowing!
Heike and Colin are such great facilitators, the knowledge and the way they present sacred geometry has all elements in it ?. With or without previous knowledge about sacred geometry, you will leave the workshop charged with positivity and a whole new way to look at things. So much gratitude for sharing your gifts to the world! ??✨?

DrP raveena Shetty
Dr. Praveena Shetty
Yoga teacher

I attended a sacred geometry course held this season (2019) in Goa. I must say, it was mind blowing. Heike and Colin Power, your team is very powerful. The whole essence of the universal metaphysics was beautifully explained via geometrical shapes. It is a course which is a must see, must do. I wish team sacred geometry all the good wishes and love!

Terezija Stagljar
Terezija Stagljar

Dear Heike, thank you very much for the online workshop! Exciting when I look at one shape now I see more silhouettes ? I’m a very visual person and sometimes I see the energy fields. Gonna create my mandala now. Sooo awesome ?? ! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the workshop, the universe and that you gave me exactly what I needed to open my 3rd eye even more! Awesome ❤️

Veera Metso
Artist & Musician

What a wonderful and amazing experience to join these workshops! The vibes in which Colin and Heike are sharing their knowledge are very positive and encouraging. I am grateful that you are doing this work and including people in it! Thank you! I recommend whole heartedly to participate!

Pamela Sinclair
Pamela Sinclair

Really good recommend for anyone interested in learning more about Sacred Geometry and how these 5 shapes have helped create our 3D reality which I think is of great interest to anyone involved in energy work or just wanting to understand a little more on the nature of reality as we think we know it.
or just interested in a fun stimulating hands on workshop

Chris Sakowski
Yoga Teacher

Super interesting courses and workshops. Colin and Heike have so much knowledge that they make simple and accessible to everyone. Lots of fun and very insightful!

Lena Katharina

Thank you so much for the workshop. It has been a really interesting day, even though I am not such a big fan of numbers etc. I learnt a lot and was able to learn more about it. The Space is also a great place and provides a good atmosphere. I liked how passionate both of you are about the topic, you are already engaged. This makes it such a good experience! Looking forward to see how you will develop the concept further.

Julia Berger
Julia Berger

Thank you Colin and Heike. You are amazing. Each class was so interesting. I loved your patience and enthusiasm, explaining things in a super interesting way. I felt that sometimes i was a bit slow or confused but you never made me feel bad about it, but just explained it again. The atmosphere was always very relaxed, friendly and fun. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this wealth of information with us and introducing us to the magical world of sacred geometry. I can highly recommend this to everybody. kids, grannies, architects, artists, spiritual people, rational people etc… sacred geometry is relevant for all of us because it is everywhere and universal. Bless you!

Anya Sakhno
Yoga Teacher

It was a great fully immersive experience. I have participated in a live workshop with Heike. I have to admit she got us fully engaged…and I am still contemplating on how perfectly we are aligned with our beautiful universe…If you wish to have a transcendent vision on how and with what it all started, if you like to model and really see the bigger picture you should try this! Thank you dear Heike ?

Jessica K Ballantyne
Jessica K Ballantyne

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop last year at a festival (2017) and was blown away by the expertise and passion shown by In 2 Infinity. Would definitely recommend them :))

Immersed in a culture of Symbolism and Mandalas, India is the perfect place to begin our journey through Sacred Geometry. We decided to set ourselves a challenge to see if we could develop a set of workshops that would make some of our amazing discoveries more tangible for people.

Nevertheless, we started our promotion and were astounded by the response. Maybe it is because India attracts a whole variety of people, from the open-minded traveler, the Yoga enthusiast and those who follow science. This diversity of participants provided a rich background for us to embroider our workshops with spiritual metaphors and scientific analogies. We also discovered that our workshops were applicable for all ages, from parents with their children to elderly couples, we were able to cater our workshop style towards a variety of interests and abilities.

Whenever you start something new, you can never be sure, who will show up.

It wasn’t long before our reputation spread and we were soon invited to provide workshops for one of the most renowned Yoga schools in South Goa, Kranti Yoga. We also had the opportunity to participate in our first festival, run by The Space Goa, where we spend one whole day running drop-in classes that proved very popular with the children. Over the course of five months, we run over 25 workshop sessions, wherein we covered unique aspects of our Sacred Geometric theory without the need to repeat a single course.

This first season in Goa, was the perfect training ground to develop the Art of Learning within a vibrant community of travellers, Yogis, alternative thinkers and children.

Without much planning, these workshops developed naturally into as series of Mandalas attached with knowledge from science such as the idea of space, time and matter to the more philosophical concepts of Karma, Consciousness and Life after death.

These were the humble beginning, that started a movement of fun, creative and opening experiences that would soon sweep over to Europe.

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