How Sacred Geometry Changed my life
A Review Letter

This review has been written by Kathrin Jerjomenko from Berlin, Germany. She collaborated with In2Infinity on a retreat in Italy in 2019 and also attended the Sacred Geometry Teacher Training 2020. She joined the core team for market research, sales and co-creates different programs as mindful coach and business artist.

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Berlin, Germany
Mindfulness Coach
Dear lovely In2Infinity-Community!

I will try to put in words what movement, transformation & increase in Love & Flow happened in my life since my first and your last workshop with you starting in Nepal in 2018.

I always knew that there is more to understand about this world and there are reasons why things are happening the way they happen. I was already amazed by Meta-Physics before, reading Jasmuheen, Greg Braden and many more kinesiology experts. But it was more for the mind.

Now, with In2Infinity I found something that is holistic and life changing. It includes every aspect of life: science, mystics, history, movement, yoga, art and music…and it’s for everyone!

We are coming from the same source. We are pure collective consciousness. Love (Merkaba) is the key to paradise. GEOMETRY unites it! It shows that we are coming from the same ancient culture. Open your eyes and heart…
look behind the differentiation of the material world!
My journey with In2Infinity

After our first meeting in Nepal, we kept contact and Heike would let me join her workshops in Germany and so I learned more of this seemingly endless knowledge. She is a great passionate teacher, networker, latin dancer, singer, scientist and a limitless moving energy ball shining bright on stage. Same for Colin, who is someone who can even convince a horse to listen to his spiritual science talks!

In 2019, Heike & me organised our first Yoga Retreat in Italy at Gate to the Wild which was a great experience. I am looking forward to many more!

In February 2020, I participated in the Sacred Geometry Teacher Training Course in Goa, India and took the first step into my new life as a Sacred Geometry teacher together with an incredible group. I love you guys and hope to see you soon again!

What other students say…
Ishita Bhattacharya
Ishita Bhattacharya
Arch College Student
Art Student

Unlocking the mysteries of the universe has always been my dream and finally, I found out that the key is Sacred Geometry! In the workshops offered at Arch College, we learned how different numbers resonate with the universe, about various platonic solids and something I will never forget: the Seed of Life. It has helped me to look beyond the physical realm and with my designs. Thank you for this eye-opening experience.

Bobby G Parmar
Bobby G. parmar
Soul Science 108

I spent the past 8 years in India purifying and activating my energy body with Kundalini Sadhana. Sacred Geometry was involved throughout the journey but it was never explained as 90% of the process was dedicated to practise. In2Infinity teachings are the perfect complement to my craft and will allow me to share transformational journeys in a more complete way.

Eveline Van Kampen
Eveline Van Kampen
Prana Casa

I met Colin and Heike in the Algarve for an introduction to Sacred Geometry. I was fascinated and decided to do the TTC in India. I learnt so much and have still so much to learn! I really admire the teachers, their knowledge and their patience to pass the knowledge, their support and their enthusiasm (which i share).

I can highly recommend to follow an (online) course with them, and get answers to your questions and get inspired to share what you have learnt!

James Thomas
James Thomas
Body of Light
Light Worker

It was amazing to attend some of the In 2 Infinity workshops and have the opportunity to gain such profound and in depth Universal Knowledge. It was fun, insightful, inspiring and would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in spirituality, sacred geometry and/or Art.

Emily Flaherty
Yoga Teacher

I am a In 2 Infinity Sacred Geometry Teacher level 1. I did my training with Heike and Colin this season in Goa, India (2020( and it was fantastic. I learnt so much information and although I still feel I’ve a lot to learn I was really excited by all the knowledge I received. The teachers were very enthusiastic. I enjoyed the environment of the training the people and the practical aspects, and I enjoyed the presentations we gave. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to deepen their knowledge of the nature of the universe. I felt it had a good balance of science and spirituality with time for creativity too. Thanks guys!!!

Belinda Aguayo
Yoga teacher & healer

I could participate at the sacred geometry workshop in Goa and I found it mind-blowing… As a yoga teacher and energy worker, I could relate and get a deeper understanding about the mysteries of the universe and how everything is related; ancient knowledge right at hand!

Itamar Sabbane
Itamar Sabbane
iTara Holistic healing

I attend one of the workshop in Goa and it was mind blowing!
Heike and Colin are such great facilitators, the knowledge and the way they present sacred geometry has all elements in it ?. With or without previous knowledge about sacred geometry, you will leave the workshop charged with positivity and a whole new way to look at things. So much gratitude for sharing your gifts to the world! ??✨?

Cristin Arthemisa
Cristin Arthemisa

Amazing knowledge you can find here by amazing people… I’m in love with them!

Lucy Howells
Lucy Howells
Surya Yoga
Yoga teacher

Colin and Heike – besides being fascinating individuals, are human representations of sacred geometry… layers and layers from a seed to threads in multiple dimensions! You can learn as much as you can take from these two – the knowledge of what they share is a part of them. Through sacred geometry, metaphysics, quantum physics and words I still don’t quite understand – everything becomes a little more relatable, tangible and understood through their teachings.☯️
Two of the easiest people to learn from, really quirky, creative ways of thinking that make the lightbulb shine a new shade. I look forward to continuing to learn from you, infinitely!

Barbara Miranda
Bárbara Miranda
Offline Portugal

I met Colin & Heike over 2 years now during a Sacred Geometry workshop in Goa, India (2018). I was MIND BLOWN with their Knowledge & Experience – specially the fact that I could connect the dots between subjects that were always fascinating for me: Art, Music, Science, Yoga and Nature. Since then, I use Geometry for planning my days, to draw my Art, to organise my Mind and also my House. Everything has a Divine Order. I have been the happiest when they came to host a retreat with my Offline Portugal Project. That was the cherry on top of the cake and I dream for more Connections and Soul brothers & sisters like this. Thank you guys, I love you.

DrP raveena Shetty
Dr. Praveena Shetty
Yoga teacher

I attended a sacred geometry course held this season (2019) in Goa. I must say, it was mind blowing. Heike and Colin Power, your team is very powerful. The whole essence of the universal metaphysics was beautifully explained via geometrical shapes. It is a course which is a must see, must do. I wish team sacred geometry all the good wishes and love!

Benjamin Rotzbüll
Dr. Benjamin Rotzbüll
Medical Doctor

The offline Retreat is the perfect combination to find a way to recharge your batteries and be ready to learn a new way of seeing through the sacred geometry as it can show nature’s very obvious blueprint. I knew only a little about sacred geometry before and what I was to find out that we all know these things and feel them, we can just not describe them. I found that a lot of things can be seen in a different way aside our trained brains. Colin and Heike know everything you ask and they even know where everybody’s knowledge is at, so when you walk up to them aside the workshop they just catch you where you understood the last thing. ; ) Just walking around after this course makes clear to me how easily we can change the way we look at things to be able to change the things we look at!

Sanne Breimer
Sanne Breimer

I’ve met Heike in Bangalore, India (2019) where she spoke at the Global Nomad Summit conference. Her background in science combined with her interest in a holistic approach to life created a super interesting workshop. It made me look at my goals in life from a totally new perspective. And the similarities she showed between what we human beings discover through science and what’s already been created in nature, are truly inspirational. Would recommend following her workshops for sure.

Terezija Stagljar
Terezija Stagljar

Dear Heike, thank you very much for the online workshop! Exciting when I look at one shape now I see more silhouettes ? I’m a very visual person and sometimes I see the energy fields. Gonna create my mandala now. Sooo awesome ?? ! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the workshop, the universe and that you gave me exactly what I needed to open my 3rd eye even more! Awesome ❤️

Veera Metso
Artist & Musician

What a wonderful and amazing experience to join these workshops! The vibes in which Colin and Heike are sharing their knowledge are very positive and encouraging. I am grateful that you are doing this work and including people in it! Thank you! I recommend whole heartedly to participate!

Pamela Sinclair
Pamela Sinclair

Really good recommend for anyone interested in learning more about Sacred Geometry and how these 5 shapes have helped create our 3D reality which I think is of great interest to anyone involved in energy work or just wanting to understand a little more on the nature of reality as we think we know it.
or just interested in a fun stimulating hands on workshop

Chris Sakowski
Yoga Teacher

Super interesting courses and workshops. Colin and Heike have so much knowledge that they make simple and accessible to everyone. Lots of fun and very insightful!

Lena Katharina

Thank you so much for the workshop. It has been a really interesting day, even though I am not such a big fan of numbers etc. I learnt a lot and was able to learn more about it. The Space is also a great place and provides a good atmosphere. I liked how passionate both of you are about the topic, you are already engaged. This makes it such a good experience! Looking forward to see how you will develop the concept further.

Julia Berger
Julia Berger

Thank you Colin and Heike. You are amazing. Each class was so interesting. I loved your patience and enthusiasm, explaining things in a super interesting way. I felt that sometimes i was a bit slow or confused but you never made me feel bad about it, but just explained it again. The atmosphere was always very relaxed, friendly and fun. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this wealth of information with us and introducing us to the magical world of sacred geometry. I can highly recommend this to everybody. kids, grannies, architects, artists, spiritual people, rational people etc… sacred geometry is relevant for all of us because it is everywhere and universal. Bless you!

Anya Sakhno
Yoga Teacher

It was a great fully immersive experience. I have participated in a live workshop with Heike. I have to admit she got us fully engaged…and I am still contemplating on how perfectly we are aligned with our beautiful universe…If you wish to have a transcendent vision on how and with what it all started, if you like to model and really see the bigger picture you should try this! Thank you dear Heike ?

Jessica K Ballantyne
Jessica K Ballantyne

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop last year at a festival (2017) and was blown away by the expertise and passion shown by In 2 Infinity. Would definitely recommend them :))

Yoni Tasker
Yoni Tasker
Artist / Tourist Guide

The best course I’ve had in recent years. Warmly recommended for anyone who loves science and artistic mystics.

Since then I developed my own business using the knowledge for my Coaching in Mindful Leadership & Creative Learning for entrepreneur Businesses and Families. I coach kids with learning blockages, their parents & as well as adults and use the power of sacred geometry art and music. You find your way back to your calmness, focus and happiness in life, love and learning. I use the universal knowledge also in Mindful Business Coaching and personal development as well as in my Trauma Therapy.

I can highly recommend and enforce to join this community. You can implement the content of In2Infinity as you want into your life and work. You get digital infrastructure and there is a great community & platform to work online. You can always give feedback and work on your own ideas. Here, you find always collaboration partners. I love you guys so much, so many open hearted people in one endless digital yoga class. ♥️

Heike & Colin… your Energy is opening dimensions! I love the way you live, work & teach. I love that we work together and I love what is going to grow. You are now on the step of (social) entrepreneurship, let’s make this project fly higher. I support you with all my skills as much as I can. Please go on. You do a great job of healing this world. Spread the love, light and laughter.

Sending lots of love,
Kathrin Jerjomenko

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