Teacher Training A student's Review
Diving into deep knowledge

This review has been written by Sunil Jakhar from Jaipur, Goa. He collaborated with In2Infinity on a course in Jaipur in 2018 and also attended the Sacred Geometry Teacher Training. As a passionate sacred geometry researcher, he joined the team as content writer and teacher in 2020.

TTC Goa 2020
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

My journey with sacred geometry started somewhere around the late 2000’s when I read the sensational thriller novel ‘The DaVinci Code’ by Dan Brown. It made a passing reference to the Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. And for some reason that brief excerpt got my attention the most and set me on an adventure I never thought about earlier, I never knew whether such things even exist.

Being a curious soul I began to research and reading on the topic which led me to the much broader and mysterious world of sacred geometry. By 2019, there was not much good literature (online or books) that I didn’t come across.

I got a glimpse of the unfolding of reality of existence through the archetypes of numbers and geometric relations in a way I have never seen before. It was really a moment of realisation in its own way, where my mind was making connections as the master in front of me spoke.

The reason to mention all that is that I was not a newbie to the subject when I enrolled for the teacher training program with in2infinity in 2020. I already had a lot of knowledge and understanding about it. But this is where things get interesting, I did find it difficult to follow certain things at times but was completely blown away in under an hour on the last day of the program.

What I realised in that one hour was the reassurance that sacred geometry is not a subject that much about knowledge as it is about contemplation. It is the knowledge that has to be realised through ‘living’ it.

What other students say…
Bobby G Parmar
Bobby G. parmar
Soul Science 108

I spent the past 8 years in India purifying and activating my energy body with Kundalini Sadhana. Sacred Geometry was involved throughout the journey but it was never explained as 90% of the process was dedicated to practise. In2Infinity teachings are the perfect complement to my craft and will allow me to share transformational journeys in a more complete way.

Eveline Van Kampen
Eveline Van Kampen
Prana Casa

I met Colin and Heike in the Algarve for an introduction to Sacred Geometry. I was fascinated and decided to do the TTC in India. I learnt so much and have still so much to learn! I really admire the teachers, their knowledge and their patience to pass the knowledge, their support and their enthusiasm (which i share).

I can highly recommend to follow an (online) course with them, and get answers to your questions and get inspired to share what you have learnt!

Emily Flaherty
Yoga Teacher

I am a In 2 Infinity Sacred Geometry Teacher level 1. I did my training with Heike and Colin this season in Goa, India (2020( and it was fantastic. I learnt so much information and although I still feel I’ve a lot to learn I was really excited by all the knowledge I received. The teachers were very enthusiastic. I enjoyed the environment of the training the people and the practical aspects, and I enjoyed the presentations we gave. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to deepen their knowledge of the nature of the universe. I felt it had a good balance of science and spirituality with time for creativity too. Thanks guys!!!

Cristin Arthemisa
Cristin Arthemisa

Amazing knowledge you can find here by amazing people… I’m in love with them!

Lucy Howells
Lucy Howells
Surya Yoga
Yoga teacher

Colin and Heike – besides being fascinating individuals, are human representations of sacred geometry… layers and layers from a seed to threads in multiple dimensions! You can learn as much as you can take from these two – the knowledge of what they share is a part of them. Through sacred geometry, metaphysics, quantum physics and words I still don’t quite understand – everything becomes a little more relatable, tangible and understood through their teachings.☯️
Two of the easiest people to learn from, really quirky, creative ways of thinking that make the lightbulb shine a new shade. I look forward to continuing to learn from you, infinitely!

Barbara Miranda
Bárbara Miranda
Offline Portugal

I met Colin & Heike over 2 years now during a Sacred Geometry workshop in Goa, India (2018). I was MIND BLOWN with their Knowledge & Experience – specially the fact that I could connect the dots between subjects that were always fascinating for me: Art, Music, Science, Yoga and Nature. Since then, I use Geometry for planning my days, to draw my Art, to organise my Mind and also my House. Everything has a Divine Order. I have been the happiest when they came to host a retreat with my Offline Portugal Project. That was the cherry on top of the cake and I dream for more Connections and Soul brothers & sisters like this. Thank you guys, I love you.

Yoni Tasker
Yoni Tasker
Artist / Tourist Guide

The best course I’ve had in recent years. Warmly recommended for anyone who loves science and artistic mystics.

I have to say that Colin is not merely a teacher of sacred geometry but a true practitioner who lives and breathes sacred geometry. He is an eccentric genius in his own way, and maybe that’s why a little difficult to follow at times, but that’s where Heike is a great help in simplifying the concepts and relationships that his mind churns out (You guys compliment each other so well and make a great team). I would love to learn from the master more if such an opportunity arises ever again.aim that Colin is one of those very few.

It was only one week so I know that we barely scratched the surface there as far as the amount of knowledge is concerned, but that is completely insignificant to me. What I gained from the training the most is the re-ignited interest in the ‘practice’ (yes, not study) of sacred geometry which had become stale in a way off lately after all the thrill of the initial years.

To all those thinking of learning more about sacred geometry, I would like to say that ‘knowing’ is one thing while ‘realisation’ is quite another. Also, learning from a teacher (or book) is one thing while learning from a true master is another. There are many teachers out there but only a few masters, and I can safely claim that Colin is one of those very few.

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