Retreat Portugal 2019

Retreat Portugal 2019
Offline Portugal, Aljezur, Portugal
5 Days
Bárbara Miranda
Sacred Geometry Teacher
Dr. Heike Bielek
Dr. Heike Bielek
In2Infinity - Colin Power
Colin Power
Benjamin Rotzbüll
Dr. Benjamin Rotzbüll
Medical Doctor

The offline Retreat is the perfect combination to find a way to recharge your batteries and be ready to learn a new way of seeing through the sacred geometry as it can show nature’s very obvious blueprint. I knew only a little about sacred geometry before and what I was to find out that we all know these things and feel them, we can just not describe them. I found that a lot of things can be seen in a different way aside our trained brains. Colin and Heike know everything you ask and they even know where everybody’s knowledge is at, so when you walk up to them aside the workshop they just catch you where you understood the last thing. ; ) Just walking around after this course makes clear to me how easily we can change the way we look at things to be able to change the things we look at!

Offline Portugal is a project from Sacred Geometry Facilitator Barbara Miranda who joined our first TTC in 2019. We created the Mind, Body and Spirit Retreat in collaboration with her, combining Yoga, Sacred Geometric knowledge, Merkaba meditation, mindfulness exercises as well as music and dance in an offline environment. The concept of offline is to take time out from the virtual life and become more in tune with the body, each other and the Universe at large.

In 5 days, we went through a variety of concepts such as Energy, Sound, Light, Matter and the Power of manifestation. With physical activities, the knowledge could be embodied deeply while becoming more free of creative self-expression, working with the subconscious and having a lot of fun in beautiful surroundings.

I was MIND BLOWN with their Knowledge & Experience – specially the fact that I could connect the dots between subjects that were always fascinating for me: Art, Music, Science, Yoga and Nature. Bárbara Miranda

Sometimes it is important to take a step outside of our normal life and treat ourselves. The concept of a retreat has become very popular with Yoga and mindfulness. The Mind, Body and Spirit retreat was going a step further. With Yoga classes in the morning, the day would start fresh in the green and quietness of the farm.

With a healthy breakfast and relaxed body, the mind was ready to take in universal knowledge through creative drawing.

Much of the science was made fun and tangible through geometric drawings while spiritual aspects were embodied through meditations and applying geometric thinking and mapping.

The afternoon was free to surf, to relax and wander through nature. In the late afternoon, there was time to connect to the subconscious and activating our energy field with the Merkaba meditation. In the evening, there was much time to continue the philosophical chats and play music.

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