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Offline Portugal in the natural surrounding of Algarve,
9-13th of September 2020

In 2 Infinity Retreats
Core mission and purpose
Activate your individual Empowerment with a new level of understanding.
Dive into the metaphysical world and deepen your experience of the connected Universe. Sacred Geometry lies at the heart of an emerging new frontier of Spiritual Science that has its roots in ancient cultures. We are challenging ourselves to start stepping on this path using simple tools such as the drawing compass and ruler to explore our unified origins. Activate your full potential and bring your mind, body, and spirit into cosmic alignment.

Explore SPIRITUAL SCIENCE & EXPERIENCE the blueprint of reality in an inspiring natural setting.
You will be invited to explore reality from a unified perspective, where spiritual concepts and science meet in a practical learning experience. Combined with ancient Vedic technologies of India, the secrets hidden within spiritual symbols and Mandala art will be embodied in a unique way. Alongside the Founders of In 2 Infinity, Dr. Heike Bielek and Colin Power, and other like-minded souls, you will enter an immersive community environment rich in nature, art, spiritual connection, deep conversations and more…all will inspire you to take in a new perspective of reality. Transformation starts within us and is amplified in a community of change-makers.

Embody scientific models through sacred geometric art, Yoga, meditation to stimulate your creative potential.
Out immersive retreats provides creative tools to actively engage the brain, while yoga, breath work, and meditation rejuvenates and gives space and time to let new concepts sink in. By combining different ways to stimulate the way we take in information, we are able to maximize our learning potential. Similarly to the neural network of our brain, the interconnection of various levels of information through drawing, playing games, modeling, and physical activities will start to form a memorable experience that will be rooted deep within your subconscious.

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Offline Farm Aljezur, Portugal
9-13th of September 2020

One of the best ways to experience our connection to the Universe is away from any computer technology and in the heart of nature. In collaboration with Offline Portugal, In 2 Infinity hosts the Offline Retreat. Dr. Heike Bielek, Colin Power and Barbara Miranda invite you on a 5-day journey to ‘up your game’ of consciousness experience with Sacred Geometry drawing, Mandala Meditation, and Yoga. Not only will your experience a new bridge between science and philosophy, but also enjoy the natural beauty of Portugal, surfing on the coast of Aljezur, connecting to people, or having fun on one of our music jam nights on the farm.

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Teacher Training Goa, India
1-6th of February 2021

Do you feel that the Art of Sacred Geometry is more than just an experience but something you want to integrate into your life and help others get access to it too? If the answer is yes, then take this rare opportunity and join the only Sacred Geometry Teacher Training worldwide. Unlike a retreat, this 6-day learning intensive is designed to train you in the fundamental basics of Sacred Geometry and its relationship to nature alongside a variety of teaching techniques. Once you have absolved the training, you will be certified as In 2 Infinity facilitator with your own presence on our website, access to our workshop repertoire, support from our community, and will have the opportunity to start your own business.

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