4D Yoga Course

4D Yoga
A transformational approach to mind, body and spirit
4D Yoga is a transformational approach to mind body and spirit. It develops your deep connection to your subconscious mind through special techniques meditations and technologies that we have developed through our experience of sacred geometry.
Sacred Geometry provides us the means by which spiritual technologies can become more accurately attuned to the nature of reality itself. When we tune the mind to these sacred forms, a deep transformation occurs, where the mind becomes more organised, and can think more clearly and act more positively.
Methods of 4D geometry
So, you may be thinking, what has the 4th dimension got to do with yoga? When we talk about dimensions in spirituality, it is about dimensions of consciousness, in mathematics, it is a dimension of space. The two things can have different interpretations. When we mean 4D Yoga, we’re actually combining aspects of both, the mathematical and spiritual view.
The 4D Torus
If you observe reality, you will see that it is made of electromagnetic fields. These fields, all exhibit a north and a south pole, they exhibit that north and south pole in a toroidal form that wraps around itself to come from the centre out to the outside, and back to the centre again. In geometry, this is known as the Torus shape. It is the very essence of the whole of reality that we are experiencing. Whether you talk about the field around the Earth, the field around every cell in your body, or even every atom. Regardless of where you look, these 4D fields are apparent.
When we adhere our mental processes to this 4D geometry, we are attuning consciousness towards a more deep connection to the very fundamental fabric of reality. And when we do that, we can begin to experience a transformation. By unifying, what is within to the processes that create what is without, we are able to form deeper connections to mind, body, and spiritual concepts.
Pioneering new concepts
As the world’s number one leader in the development of sacred geometry workshops, we have come up with a new form of yoga. This is based on our extensive experience in India, studying many of the Hindu symbolisms, mandalas, mantras and spiritual technologies and relate them to Western scientific ideas and discoveries. This has allowed us to produce a new kind of mental construct based on geometry.
How did we come up with this?
Well, it began when we started to draw with a compass and ruler by creating geometric drawings that many people refer to as sacred geometry. These patterns holds specific relationships and ratios that are exactly reflected in nature, but not only that, even in our own consciousness, and the very fabric of the universe.
We’ve been running many sacred geometry workshops successfully and observed massive transformations in participants, within their emotional being and perception of reality. People started to crying and breaking down in tears as they have moved energies from within. This is actually a positive thing for those who think crying, is a weakness. Actually, it’s a cleansing of energy.
4D Yoga is a series of techniques that we have developed to allow this very particular interaction with your subconscious mind. This allows you to have a very direct experience of another aspect of yourself in an almost magical context. As you develop your techniques, you are able to go deeper and deeper and connect to your body. Find out what’s wrong and work with your body to fix it. Learn the language of geometry, because it is universal language.

Enhance your spiritual connection to your Vinyasa Flow
Connect with your divine nature through different asanas
Open your awareness to you mind body connection
About the Course
“Our 4D Yoga course provides a unique exploration of mind, body, and spirit. It is more than a physical training camp, it is a journey through the soul.”
Heiek Bielek

When we say Mind, Body and Spirit we really mean it.
The 4D yoga system has been specially designed to attune you to your inner self. With specially designed meditation, practical workshops that open doorway of energy, allowing you to go deeper than you ever thought possible.
OPEN YOUR MIND – Expand your horizon towards oneness consciousness with our special training program of 4D thinking
WORKING WITH ENERGY– develop concentration, and contain energy within specific through forms.
CLEARING BLOCK – A 4th dimensional version of the popular Vipashna clearing meditation techniques.
EXPLORE YOUR POTENTIAL – Yoga Nedra Sessions help relax, and unlock tensions, whilst you are taken on a journey through your inner world.
Mandala Drawing – Learn how they are constructed, what is their significance, and why they can be used in meditation practice.
Hindu Mythos – Explore the world of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and learn about their attributes and powers.
Vedic Philosophy – A scientific approach to yoga philosophy based on drawing and building geometry, and explore the comparison between Vedic and Western science.
Geometric Anatomy – These fun and practical sessions, that explore the nature of the golden ratio and its relationship to the human body helping us to develop an eye for correct alignment.
Integrated Asanas – Combine breathing, active meditation, and other consciousness techniques that compliment various poses, to extend the framework of your yoga practice.
Creative Flow – Explore the possibilities of building your own Vinyasa routine based on the experience you have gained throughout the course.
Mind body connection – Practical exploration of our mind-body connection, they help to develop a deeper awareness of our physical self.
Business Mapping – Create a vision, and form a plan to achieve it using our ‘Harmonic Mapping’ system. Includes special session on how to engage successfully with your yoga network, both on and off line.
The 4D Practice
Transform your practice, transform yourself
Yoga Flow
We offer a unique approach to the physical practice of yoga. We have complied the ?? traditional poses of Vinyasa and Ashtanga with specific visual techniques. Through this we can produce a system of yoga that incorporates powerful methods of active meditation, pushing the boundaries of mind, body, and spirit.
We have developed 5 principles that help us to achieve this goal
UNIFY – mental and the physical with breath
CONNECT – to the subconscious body mind
EXPAND – Your divine self though story
STRENGTHEN – Physical, mental and spiritual states of being
BALANCE – Mind Body and Spirit through active practice
Yoga Nedra
These inspiring guided meditations have been specifically designed to align our thought to specific spiritual ideas. As you progress through the course, we gradually introduce spiritual concepts that are then integrated through the journey of your inner world.
Rag Yoga
In alignment with the tradition of yoga, we offer space over the sunset period for meditation and contemplation of the knowledge contained within the course. Sometimes theses sessions are directed by a specific idea, and at other times the student is free to pursue there own thoughts. We believe this quiet time offers an important window of opportunity to make sense of deep spiritual concepts.
Mandala Drawing
As a part of integrating geometric thinking into our consciousness we explore the nature of simple geometry. We teach the fundamentals of mandala construction, and offer meditation techniques for each.
In our mind over matter sessions we teach simple exercises that give a practical demonstration of the power of will to shape reality and to resist change. Through this work we are able to form a stronger connection to our subconscious mind, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of meditation.
Geometric Anatomy
Recognised as one of the most challenging areas of any yoga teacher training course, we believe we have produced an effective methodology for understanding the nature of the human form as expressed through ratio and proportion. By studying in this way, we can develop an eye for adjustments and correct posture.
Energy Work
The idea of chakras is a popular method for working with energy. In this course we explore the 7 chakras from the perspective of the 2 pairs of colour opposites. In these sessions we explore the nature of light, and the use of colour to empower specific areas of the body. We extend this work into 3D forms as an introduction to working with the light body or aura that surrounds us.
Additional activities
We aim provide an environment where we can make new friends to last a lifetime.
We believe that a community is built from the dinner table. Good healthy food, combined with engaging conversation is the spring from which we water our connection to ourselves and others. When we sit down to each we take time each morning to offer appreciations, learn some simple phrases in Hindi, and ensure we are all clear on that particular days activities.
Evening entrainments
We offer a host of evening activities, from singing and playing music, to practical fun and games. We believe this is an important part of building confidence in ourselves and trust with other people. We encourage performance form participants, and offer a place at the end of the course for a night of creative expression on an open stage.
Full Moon Ceremony
As a part of our program we recognise the need for free-form expression to counterbalance the rigidity for routine patterns. When the moon reaches its peek on the 3rd week, we hold a special cacao and ecstatic dance ceremony. This is a time when we can truly let go of our barriers and emotional baggage, strengthening the bond between ourselves and other members of the group.
4D yoga is a 28 day program. Whereas some teacher training can be delivered in only 21 days, we feel this is far too short, particularly as we spend more time working on spiritual concepts and meditative techniques.
Just as the moon takes around 28 days to make a full cycle from full to dark and back to full, so our course is organised around the turning of this tide.
Beginning one week after the full moon, our program is timed so that the foundations can be laid in the first week, at the end of which we hold a dark moon ceremony. We take this opportunity to cement our intension for the rest of the course.
Over the next 2 week as the moon becomes full we work on transformation. On the night of the full moon at the end of the 3rd week of the course , we hold a 2nd ceremony, where we engage with an ecstatic dance and cacao ceremony. This is the chance to release old patterns and embrace the new.
In the final week, we can iron our any doubts, and offer time for reflection and any private consultation you may need. The aim is to leave the course with a clear vision of yourself and your future.
Course Timetable
6:30-8:00 – Early Morning Yoga / Meditation
8:00 – 9:00 – Breakfast
9:00 – 10:00 – self study – meditational
10:00-12:00 – Mandalas – Philosophy – Anatomy – Mythology – Personal mapping
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 self study or extra activities
14:00-16:00 – Yoga – Teaching practice
16:00-16:30 – BREAK
16:30 – 18:30 – Yoga – Teaching practice – Feedback sessions – Business mapping
18:30 – 19:30 – Sunset Meditation
20:00 – 22:00 Dinner + evening session Music – Salsa – Singing – Yoga Nedra – Ceremony.
The personal touch
Making it feel like home.
Each participant of the course will also receive a special welcome gift-pack, that contains everything you need to complete the course. In addition to our course manual, you will also find a stylised handcrafted notebook and pen for jotting down extra details, and even a personalised towel and yoga mat set, that you can use throughout the course.
3,800 Euros full board.
Your place is guaranteed
Once you have placed your booking and your deposit has been confirmed, you place on our course is guaranteed. We kindly request that full payment be received before commencing the course.
Unfortunately, we cannot refund any deposits, however, course dates are transferable to any other course. Note that course fees will be taken from the price of the course that the participant decides to take.
Find out more about the course
After years of exploration and experimentation, Colin Power and Heike Bielek, co-founders of In2infinity, bring their unique geometric thinking to from a fresh invigorating approach to yoga.
Dr Heike Bielek trained to be a yoga instructor in 2012, after completing her doctorate in the field of bio-chemistry. Her passion for spiritual knowledge is an ongoing daily practice that include her own specially developed yoga routine.
Colin Power has spent many years working as a workshop facilitator, offering services for Skyros Yoga retreats, and Festivals such as Tribe of Doris. His 20 years of dedicated meditative practice and study of geometry, have allowed him to develop a toolkit of spiritual techniques based on his understanding of dimensional space.
In 2015, they formed in2infinity, a platform that explores the application of geometry in the fields of science and spirituality. After 3 years of running workshops, and courses they launched their first TTC. This was aimed at those who wanted to teach geometry workshops in schools, as an offering for a fun alternative to traditional teaching methods. After their 2nd TTC a year later, it became apparent that most of those who attended we trained yoga instructors. During this period they also produced workshops and courses that explored the relationship between the geometry of mandalas and the attributes of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. After offering their services variety of yoga schools, and consulting a selection of experienced yoga practitioners, they began to solidify their knowledge into a carefully crafted program. The result is an exciting 200 hours yoga teacher training course that brings together the perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit.
“4D Yoga aims to embody the spirit of geometry in a physical practice, to produce a powerful toolkit, suited to the modern age.”
Heiek Bielek
The nature of the 4th dimension
“Everything is surrounded by the loving embrace of energy”
Colin Power
A 3D object can be said to exist in our 3D reality. Not so for a 4D object which does not appear directly to us. This nature of the unseen is an expression of what people call energy. Energy is hidden, beyond our 3D perception, and yet is pervades the whole universe, and that includes you!
When we gain an awareness of how the 4D forms express themselves, we are able to produce enhanced meditative techniques, that can be highly effective in the spheres of personal transformation. Through applied mental concentration, we can vastly improve our connection to the hidden elements of ourselves, exploring in more detail the concepts of mind body and spirit.
Thinking geometrically
Getting you mind in shape…
For many, when they think of the term ‘Yoga’, it conjures up an image in the mind of a physical practice, where the objective is to create a fit, supple and healthy body. But yoga is much more than that. It is an internal practice that also engages mind, and spirit. Therefore our mental and spiritual approach real does matter. Getting the most out of any practice require that we explore all of these avenues. However, the question is how?
It is no secret that Indian culture is full of Mandalas that have a definite spiritual significance. These sacred forms a geometric in nature. In this way each is a very pure in that is clearly represents itself. For example, if we close our eyes and imagine a tree, then there are a variety of different types of tree that can appear in the minds eye. Yet a circle will be the same for all people. Similarly we only have a finite number of colours in our visible spectrum. If we ask everyone to imagine a yellow circle, then it will be the same image for everyone, exactly. That is because a circle does not need a name to tell you what it is. In fact it is the other way around. The circle (arc) and the line are used to form letters that make words, that define the objects in reality.
Discovering the blueprint
When we attune our mind to the world of geometry we can expand our consciousness towards the divine.
Geometry is used by us to define and even create reality. If can use geometric laws to build a strong bridge that can safely span long distances, then we can also also say the same about the construction of our own spiritual practice. Crossing over the river of mundane everyday thought is the first step to transforming yourself.
It takes courage to make the first step, as we are often not used to thinking outside of the box. Many of us hold false negative assumptions that make the task of learning a new art difficult. Yet the blueprint is actually inherent within you. In fact, each life begins its journey as a tiny spherical shell, that divided an innumerable number of times before full-filling its blueprint; you. Geometry is so natural to us all that is would be fairer to say, “we just forgot how to think it.” for geometric thinking is a powerful mental and meditational tool that is used to clear energetic blocks, expand our awareness to the multidimensional aspects of our personality, and open doors of mental perception through a journey of inner discovery.
The Business of Yoga
Get out there and do it…
When we put our minds to it anything is possible. But we can also improve our chances of success but having a clear vision and direction, as well as a road map of how we are going to get there.
As a matter of fact… spirit does matter
From the perspective of spiritual thought, all manifestation arises out of energy. From the invisible to the visible. That is the process we call change. When we guide this process consciously, so we can direct the outcome of our lives more positively. It all begins with the mind, and if we get the mind bit right, then the rest should flow.
To become a successful yoga teacher takes more than just good technique. Our courses offer these extended sessions throughout to help you develop your ideas, recognised your strengths, and build a strong foundation for a plan.
Sprit and Matter
Consciousness building
Mandala Construction
Awareness Exercises
confidence building
Finding connection
Life planning
Vision and mission statement
Geometric mind-maps
Goal creation
The Visualisation – The power of our mind to create a vision of the future we wish to move into.
The Map – The guide that shows us the path to our desired destination
The Goal – The awareness of the small achievements everyday that lead to success.
The Confidence – Know what is unique about you, and promote these strengths
The Connection – Full understand yourself and build relationships with others.
We deliver our best, so you can delver yours…
“After I deliver a workshop I’m always take time to think… how can I make this even better?”
Heike Beilek
When we think about attending a yoga class, or any kind of workshop for that matter, we always consider the experience as a whole. What is the teacher like? Where is it, and how far away? How much does it cost? All of these factors are at play, and so as a Yoga Instructors we can take a few things into consideration when offering sessions.
Honest feedback
Its good to talk
We believe that we can accelerate our learning when we have time to listen and integrate feedback. We offer one-to-one and group feedback as we train you, to improve your technique and delivery. We also offer tips of how to offer a 5 sense holistic experience for your attendees. This includes special sessions on the use of space, lighting, oils, incense, and sound, as well as guidance on pressure and touch. We aim to give you the tools you need to make your yoga sessions a little bit special.
On line support
The modern age is one of fasted paced communication, digital social networks, and competitive online teaching. Yoga is no exception. The advent of on-line teach offers the potential to generate an income from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Yet it does not come without any of its drawbacks. With complicated terminology, and often overwhelming offers for expert help at exorbitant prices, it is very easy for the modern yogi to get lost the matrix. For this reason we have made space in the course for a deeper look at the digital market. We explain complicated terms, and show how you can set up you own website, and the options available, along with a price comparison. We also offer an optional yearly subscription to our on-line broadcasting platform and community forum, and offer practical advice on how to develop your brand and promote yourself. All important keys to making a successful start in you new career as a yoga instructor.
Extend the possibilities
In2infinity also offer a range of other training programs that cover a diverse range of topics, form the science of the atom, to the working of the cosmos. Once trained in the nature of 4D thinking, the doors are open for you to extend you potential into any one of these fields. Additionally, we are developing a 5D Yoga course that will cover on other types of chakra system, such as the tree of life, and explores the nature of the next more advance set of geometries.
Find out more about or other courses here: