Dr. Heike Bielek – Founder


eike is a scientist, dancer, artist, and founder of In 2 Infinity.
Born in Germany, Heike studied Biotechnology and received her phD in Biology in 2012. She founded Art-Jams with two of her friends, an online art platform that organises events in form of art exhibitions with live performances and music. At the same time she worked for Bionorica as a pharmaceutical sales person.
In 2014, she left everything behind to travel the world in search for a deeper meaning to life. Her exploration lead her to many new experiences, such as teaching Yoga and Kite surfing, working as a cook on a prawns boat, documentary filming making, and performing music, until she discovered the Art of Sacred Geometry.

Being inspired by and recognising the value of Metaphysics, she set up the project In 2 Infinity in 2017. Together with Colin Power, she pioneered a creative and fun teaching style, that would combine her passion for science, spirituality and art in one project. She is editor and illustrator of the practical guidebook series, that are based on the concepts of William Williams, runs workshops, courses and gives talks.
Currently, she lives location-independent and spends most of her time in Goa, India and Nepal.

In2Infinity - Colin Power

Colin Power – Founder


olin Power is a life long musician, workshop facilitator, and has been practising aspects of the Quadrivium since 2006.
In 2000, he set up his own company teaching digital music techniques to children, that was specialised in the field of disabilities. Through this work, he became involved in numerous projects that demonstrated how music improved the memory and learning capabilities, break down emotional barriers and preconception between different ethnic groups.
In 2011, he met Tanya Moore who had been exploring Accelerated Learning techniques. Together, they formulated a Spanish course that covered ½ of a GCSE in only 2 days.

Colin has travelled extensively, particularly through India and South East Asia, where he has conversed with a large variety of spiritually minded people, particularly on the subject of Buddhism and Hinduism. His entry into the world of Metaphysics began when he became interested in creating alternative energy generation, based on Vedic mathematics of vortexes.
He has contributed considerably to the work of William Williams in the sphere of light, sound, and various numerical and mathematical concepts.

Baptiste Vandel – art director


aptiste Vandel came to In2Infinity in 2019. He is a 3D motion designer, web-designer and sound engineer. Born in France, he is an Artist, musician, explorer & observer of the inner and the outer world.
He is a proud teacher of In 2 Infinity, in love with fractals and Nature’s patterns !

Kathrin Jerjomenko – Market research


athrin is Transformative. Creative. Intuitive.

She is a passionate Yogini and Business Psychologist (M.A.) of 29 years. After almost 6 years of consulting experience in Banking, Strategy and Marketing she decided that Creativity and Learning is what creates a happy & successful life.

In India, she became a certified Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher as well as Learning Coach for children and parents and practise Yoga since more than 8 years.

In 2020, she become a Sacred Geometry Teacher, which re-unlocked my childlike spirit and creativity.

She love the miracles and mystics of this beautiful world, looking at it through children’s eyes, as children are our most important Gurus in life!

Through her path of painting, learning methodology and body movement she found her way out of heavy diseases on the mental, physical and emotional level to an ever-singing, laughing and dancing Children & Parental Business Coach that loves to connect and bring Families back to shine bright.

She loves the In 2 Infinity Family, because we are living, enjoying and developing this reality together in love instead of hatred.