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No one likes a smart ass.

And so it has been my experience that if you do resolve the answer to life the universe and everything, you are better off not going around shouting about it. Though to be fair circumstances also play a role. For me, a homeless musician, with a compass, ruler, and $1 calculator (from Indonesia as I needed the 16 digits); to come up with a new theory in 28 days, whilst confined in a beach hut without internet?

It was going to be hard for the average scientist to give any credence.


A new theory

As a wise man once said, ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ a sentiment we should be bare in mind when making claims over our understanding of the Universe. In fact, the Art of Sacred Geometry used to be at the centre of our scientific methodology. As our ability to use technology to measure the fabric of reality has increased, so the significance of Sacred Geometry has decreed in the eyes of the masses.

So is this a new theory?


Vast amounts of scientific experimentation have produced swathes of data that reveal the details of the most minuet aspects of reality. Based of this various hypothesis are developed and tested, until a consensus theory is produced. This then becomes what we call popular science. Yet the discipline is far from unified in its view. Chemists study a different model of the atom than quantum physicists, in part due to ‘simplicity’, but also because the historical discoveries occurred in a certain order and time frame.

The three branches of science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology have only become more specialised, yet often miss the holistic picture. This has been apparent in many of the discussions we have had with the various sectors of the scientific community. Often a Physicist that studies the atom, will be thrown if we begin to discuss optics (light and the eye), often leading to rather uncomfortable situations. Science tends to adhere to a particular view, and any new concepts that challenge the status quo are often met with anything from dismissive scepticism to outrageous defence.

Within the spiritual community, the concept of Sacred Geometry is beginning to sprout new seeds of interest. However, most of the framework operates within the non-tangible realms, often used for healing, and meditation. We believe that when this knowledge is married with our metaphysical interpretation of scientific data, the result is a solid understanding of a greater scheme.

Inverse to scientific apparatus, spiritual technologies require and adaptation of consciousness. Through meditation and contemplation we can change our inner world, which in turn effects our outer environment. For this reason, concepts such as morality, birth and death are key differences, not explored within our current scientific arena.

A Refreshing Approach

What In2infinity brings is a re-evaluation of current scientific discoveries, through a metaphysical lens, that embodies existing spiritual concepts in a way that is relatively simple to access for the layperson. This view ushers in a variety of new concepts, that redesigns many mathematical, and scientific concepts, to produce a revolutionary theory of reality. Our proposed theory sits somewhere between Nikola Tesla, and Buckminster Fuller, whilst incorporating many concepts held by Buddhist and Hindu Philosophy.

We have a very particular view, which develops a logically compensable model of the universe, that is founded in the art of Compass Construction, Music, through which we are able to understand the true nature of higher dimensional space. This completes a holistic vision of the functioning of reality, that can also explain many mysterious phenomena. Why are elements 43 and 61 unstable amongst the rest of the stable atoms? Why should the electron fall into discrete shells? Why are electromagnetic waves orientated at 90? How can a Molybdenum Atom break a Nitrogen Triple bond?

All of these questions find a simple resolution once viewed within our proposed wider holistic view of multidimensional space. In order to fully explore the 4th dimension we cannot employ the act of measuring a 3D space. Instead we look to relativistic geometric techniques, that are based on pure ratio. As the metaphysical picture completes within the mind, so the pieces of the scientific data fall into place, which confirms the metaphysical result.

So whilst there might be nothing new under the sun, we can present a model of reality that introduces new perspective through our unique approach to the 4th dimension and the application of a new system of Dimensionless Science, and Geometric Maths.

The Fractal Blueprint

In the modern world we have come a long way with technology, that has enabled us to communicate and travel throughout the earth. However, aside from these benefits the tendency has been to attract our concept of the physical world into 3D thinking.

A 3D World

In the 3D world objects appear at measurable distances from each other. Things travel at various speeds, such as the Earth rotating the marks out the day and night. Within these natural cycles we set and define units of scale, that form the basis of our mathematical understanding of the universe.

Beyond 3D

This is quite different from a consciousness that is attuned to the nature of Sacred Geometry as the drawing technique defines the number one when the drawing compass is first opened. The resultant mandala is produced relative to the size of this first opening.

Whilst many attribute relativity this idea to Einstein, it is worth pointing out the even as far back as the 1600’s, Galileo Galeae developed his theory of relativity that placed each object in a ‘inertial’ reference frame. often this is depicts as an observer at the centre of a 2D hexagonal tapestry.

“It is impossible by mechanical means to say whether we are moving or staying at rest” – Galileo Galeae

This model is easy to understand and express in terms of Sacred Geometry. Concentric circles of the same size can be placed on a 2D plain form a regular hexagonal grid. Each hexagon is comprised of 6 triangles. In Sacred Geometry a single hexagon created by overlapping 7 circles is called the Seed of Life. We can use this pattern to map the P-orbitals in the electron cloud, and the orbital spacing between Earth an Jupiter. The same mandala can be used to map universal phenomena at vastly different scales.

That is not just a coincidence. It is because the mechanisms by which the universe operates are very simple, differing only by the scale with with they are enacted. Through this we can begin to understand the pattern rather that get lost in exhaustive mathematical equations to explain the universe, and when you do, you will find that your cognitive ability will increase exponentially.

Benefits of Practising

There are numerous subtle benefits that practising Sacred Geometry compass constructions can Yield. Often these are hidden benefits, that are related to consciousness shifts in our perception.Often we use the term ‘spiritual’ to define this domain, that is often difficult to encapsulate with words. Yet the nature of shape and form is just that. Beyond Words. When we communicate in language we have to translate the meaning of a sentence. The universal language of shape and form needs no word to express itself. We only need to recognise and make sense of the deeper meaning contained within the pattern.

For many, when they first start to practice, it is easy to get lost, as the mind is not used to interpreting the language of geometry. Yet through continued drawing and colouring, so a particular blueprint is imprinted into our minds. Amazingly, this allows us to develop a process of geometric thinking, able to store and organised vast amounts of knowledge and data.

When we examine the results of scientific experiments with this geometric blueprint, we find that there is a surprising correlation. That’s right! We can use the blueprint to store even scientific data.

However, that is not all. For everyday tasks and even business planning can be mapped harmonically, which helps us to make better use of our time, plan effectively, and develop efficient strategies.

We can also find that we can use the same blueprint to encode spiritual concepts. This should not be surprising, as all religions have employed the Art of Sacred Geometry in the construct of their religious symbols. These symbols are not just random choices, but actually contain knowledge that reveal a deeper hidden tapestry to our exisitence

“What I can say is that through my practice of Sacred Geometry I have been able to organise my mind more effectively, and build a stronger spiritual practice backed back a solid foundation of metaphysical science. Before I used to look at the universe as an incredible large and unfathomable construct. Now it see it as relatively simple, and completely comprehensible. ” – Colin Power

We have produced a wealth of FREE resources on this site, from guides to Geometry and Sacred Geometry, posts and pages that introduce you to our new metaphysical theory, we even have an online school where you can engage with more structure learning. From courses where you can build an atom our of card, or one-to-one live online sessions with any one of our teachers.

If you study the contents of the course and knowledge contained there in, you too will begin to see the reoccurring pattern, and in doing so begin to comprehend what some people term, the ‘mysteries’ of the Universe.

Know thyself – the Metaphysical Journey

Knowledge is an infinite pool of concepts and ideas, far greater than the manifest Universe itself. If we dive straight in then we are likely to find ourselves drowning in our own minds. However, within the currents of this ocean we find there are universal truths that form our consensus reality. We are surrounded by space. Time passes by. We are born and we die. The facts of life.

Within this framework we each go through our life experience, picking up and building a psychological mental construct that holds certain things to be true. These influences arise from familiar, cultural, educational, and social experiences. Often we reach a certain age and turn away from certain information, or belief systems. This can also lead to negative feelings of distrust towards a particular religion, or other group.

However, to truly appreciate the metaphysical world view, we should try to purge ourselves from such unsavoury influences. For a true metaphysician can talk in terms of any religion, and at the same time be comfortable with a scientific view based on empirical observation.

Within our workshop programs we often touch on subject from Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhism faiths, and happily marry them with observations made by science. This is what makes this teaching completely unique to most others. Regardless of your belief, this practice should increase your appreciation of all religions and scientific endeavours, truly unifying the spiritual with the logical.

Learn with us

If you enjoy drawing music, and game, and have a passion for exploring science, nature, an even consciousness then, In2infinity has a wealth of knowledge to offer. Presently we are publishing more information on this website. You can explore our theories in more detail, and read interesting posts for free.

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