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In 2 Infinity

Discovery of a Geometric Code

Based on a revolutionary new set of mathematical, and geometric axioms, In2infinity offers a fresh perspective of Universal Phenomena. From Atoms to the Stars, our new discipline of Geometric Science unravels many of the questions still unanswered by our traditional scientific view.

  • Why does light travel as photon (wave packets of energy), and how can it travel through a vacuum if its not a particle?
  • Why is the Electron Cloud quantised into discreet shells, and why are they found to be so stable?
  • Why are elements 43 and 61 missing form the periodic table?
  • How does nature break a triple nitrogen bond, a process essential to organic life?
Viewed through the lens of Geometry, all of these question can be answered and more…

Explore our new theory for yourself. You might be amazed at what you find

New Theory


New Theory

In 2 Infinity has developed a geometric theory that is shifting the current paradigm of scientific and spiritual thinking, revolutionising a variety of views.

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In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Universal MathIn2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Universal Math

Universal Math

Universal Math describes the numerical code underlying reality that manifest geometric space.

In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Dimensionless ScienceIn2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Dimensionless Science

Dimensionless Science

A re-definition of scientific constants as simple whole number ratios contained within geometric forms.

In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - 4D Aether torusIn2Infinity - Geometric Universe - 4D Aether torus

4D Aether

Evidence for the re-discovery of the Aether and its geometric structure and function.

In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Atomic GeometryIn2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Atomic Geometry

Atomic Geometry

A geometric expression of the spatial architecture of the atomic fabric (electron cloud).

In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Harmonic ChemistryIn2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Harmonic Chemistry

Harmonic Chemistry

Musical and geometric principles describing the nature of the periodic table and the processes of life.

In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Universal GeometryIn2Infinity - Geometric Universe - Universal Geometry

Universal Geometry

The laws of the planets and galaxies, gravity and time-space as defined by geometry and music.


Geometric Thinking

The meaning of spiritual symbolism and application of geometric mind-mapping.

Greek Philosopher Plato

Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here.

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The Da Vinci School

Ready to learn? The Da Vinci School is an online education platform based on the concepts of In 2 Infinity, taught through accelerated learning techniques. Our team of teachers provide creative and fun classes with drawing compass and ruler – for children to change-makers.

Da Vinci School
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In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - 5 Platonic Solids
In2Infinity - Geometric Universe - 5 Platonic Solids - the template book

3D Space

Redefining the Platonic Solids

In 2 Infinity has re-structured the classical model of the 5 Platonic Solids, their nesting and link to the 5 Elements. This allowed for a new approach to the nature of space, the foundation of the Geometric Universe.

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